The ugly truth about Caribbean medical schools

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Guadalajara, Jal

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Wible, I want to fill you in on what really goes on behind the scenes at my medical school and maybe you can help inform other students about what happens here before they make a huge mistake. If students slip between the cracks of a US med school, then international med schools in the Caribbean may be the next choice. Some have better residency match rates than others so beware.

Mind you, your choice of residency is skewed a bit coming down here, but again there are ways to work your way through internal medicine and find a fellowship of your choice, it is just a tougher and longer road. My school allows students a year in on average at the start of each August class. They let in about for the January starting class which are on different schedules and have a smaller lecture hall to accommodate a smaller class.

My starting class began with students, we are down to , meaning 59 percent of my class that I started the first day here with are still here to finish off our second year. The class of , starting in January, finished with around , meaning about 64 percent of their class made it from day 1 to the last day of year 2. If a student does fall below either mark students may or may not be allowed to decel, which means repeating the failed class; however, this looks bad on a residency app and if one fails again they are almost certainly dismissed rare exceptions.

So, why are so many students failing or dropping out? This is a business for profit medical school and profit definitely comes before the well being of any student. There are usually so many mistakes made by the inexperienced professors, the lecture becomes confusing and muddled.

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This is a heart-breaking and extremely enlightening, all wrapped into one. When I was applying to medical school there were so many of my undergraduate friends going off-shore to these schools.

The true story of the dunked sandwich. The torta ahogada, a salsa-drowned sandwich invented in Guadalajara, Mexico in the early s, has risen along with its city of origin. The sandwich was the product of a slip of the hand, a mistake. But what a delicious mistake it was, the spark for a dish that slowly spread throughout the City of Roses like a fire jumping from rooftop to rooftop, eventually taking its place as one of the signature dishes of the booming metropolis.

Guadalajara has modernized and ballooned over the last years, transitioning from a working-class trading hub known as the cradle of Mariachi music to a bustling cosmopolitan city referred to as the country’s ‘Silicon Valley. It’s part of the city’s heritage, a point of pride and right of passage for any Tapatio, as people from Guadalajara are called. The torta ahogada is a sandwich that adds up to more than the sum of its parts. The spicy salsa, made from the more-hot-than-flavorful chile de arbol vinegar, cumin, black pepper and other spices, adds a kick but needs the addition of the mild, tomato based sauce with oregano and garlic to calm the heat with a complex set of rounder, sweeter flavors.

The pork filling is marinated in garlic and citrus, cooked slowly, and then fried up until crisp. The meat soaks up the spicy salsa, and and the richness and fat of the meat balances the acidity of the spicy salsa. The crusty bread seems unremarkable on its own, but is essential to the dish’s texture and balance, cutting the heat of the chilies and the bite of the raw or marinated onion garnish. Tortas ahogadas are the local go-to meal for clearing head colds, curing hangovers, and sweating out infections.

The inventor of the torta ahogada died decades ago, but a link to the beginning of the simple sandwich still remains in the city center where his apprentice has been clocking in every morning for the last 55 years. The torta ahogada “drowned sandwich” began as a working man’s lunch, almost exclusively sold from small stands on street corners and busy urban plazas.

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By Duncan Tucker Share This 21 November When I first came to Guadalajara in , I could hardly have found myself in a more contrasting environment from the small southeast England town where I grew up. The bright colors, rich culture and daily chaos gripped me from the outset and I ended up relocating there permanently in Having spent the previous five years covering Guadalajara for local and international media outlets Vice, The Guardian, etc.

Explore the historic city center: Downtown Guadalajara has it all. Lined with trendy bars, cafes, restaurants, taco stands, craft markets and open-air spaces for concerts and dance-offs, it is the place to be on Friday and Saturday nights.

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The town is built up two sides of a ravine, and the residents favor bright colors for their boxy houses, which are packed together on teeny-tiny streets. In fact, legend has it 2 young lovers who lived across from one another used to live on a street so narrow that they could kiss each other from their facing balconies. For that reason, the street is famously known as Callejon del Beso— Kiss Alley.

Auto traffic flows mainly through an incredible system of medieval-looking underground tunnels that were constructed in the early s. The result is that traversing town, whether in a car or by foot, is a transporting experience. He said it was made by his 3 sons. Inside the paper, I found fragrant cakes of Mexican chocolate, rich with dark cocoa, cinnamon, and big crunchy granules of sugar.

It cost about 30 cents for a stack of 5. One morning, I spotted some guys hanging out by this old truck packed with hanging cow carcasses and a trash can near Mercado Embajadoras. I love my Best Foods, but something about that giant hot jar of mayo made me think twice about that tasty-looking corn. Looking down into the food stalls and lunch counters in Mercado Juarez from the 2nd floor.

A fabulous torta de carnitas pork sandwich with spicy red and green sauces, for less than a buck each from one of those very stalls. Obligatory Mexican market photo of a ginormous pile of dried chilies.

Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant Lunch Specials

In either of the park’s campgrounds, there are self registration stations located near the restrooms. Individual campsites are all at a first come, first served basis. There is no reservation system. There are no showers available in the campground. Tent campers have a choice of 20 leveled, gravel sites. Small junipers and oaks partially shade most of the sites and each site has a picnic table.

Guadalajara’s Best English Newspaper! The wool coat looks worse for the non-wear. It is wrinkled from being unworn and crammed in the back of a closet for two years; dotted with dust and dog hair from a dog that departed the family a year ago; in need of a lint brush that can’t be found in the pile of things to be thrown away, don.

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