Former world champion boxer Frank Bruno a huge hit with fans in Carlisle

Bruno is considered one of the greatest heavyweights Britain has ever produced, having fought Mike Tyson twice and taken on Lennox Lewis. The year-old is now a committed campaigner for mental health after suffering from his own issues since he hung up his boxing gloves in Joshua too is of great interest to the public and the media, but the IBF and WBA Super champion fights tooth and nail to keep the cameras out of his private life. Anthony Joshua holds three heavyweight belts Picture: AllSports Bruno approves of this strategy, believing Joshua has his head screwed on correctly. And made his life good. But, a struggle with his mental health, which saw Bruno sectioned three times under the Mental Health Act , ushered in a new and unwelcome type of media attention for the former world champion. Bruno never shied away from a fight and faced Mike Tyson twice Picture: They like to build you up, but also chip you back down.

Frank Bruno

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Sep 18,  · Frank Bruno has been readmitted to hospital after suffering a relapse in his battle with bipolar disorder. The boxing legend, who has been sectioned three times in the past 12 years, went.

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Kym Marsh and Frank Bruno among latest stars to settle High Court hacking claims

Share via Email What a nice coming-out-of-hospital present Frank Bruno has been given by the woman described in Saturday’s edition of the Sun as his “caring ex-wife” Laura. Starting today, in an exclusive she has negotiated with the paper, Laura will reveal “his awful decline into mental illness”, chronicling how Frank turned into “an empty shell who forgot to eat”, how he turned to drugs and bombarded her with phone calls begging her to look after him.

Well, call me fickle if you like but this is one mawkish series of personal revelations that I won’t bother reading because I like Frank and loathe the prospect of his personal problems being made public property. There are any number of prominent figures in boxing who are horrified this is happening to Frank the moment he leaves the psychiatric clinic where he has been receiving treatment after being sectioned last month.

One is Frank Maloney, whose autobiography was being serialised last week, also in the Sun. He was particularly aggrieved that Saturday’s extract was pulled, presumably after they had tied up the deal for “The Laura Bruno Story”.

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Did you know that there are divorces every hour in the United States? But with divorce comes a battle, and today, we will be talking about one of such struggles; the struggles of former world boxing champion, Frank Bruno’s divorce. Let’s take a peek at the incident and find out the exact cause of this harsh experience, while we also share if he has stumbled upon a woman, with whom he can finally settle down with!

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Professional career[ edit ] Bruno became a professional boxer in , quickly achieving 21 consecutive wins by knockout. However, in May the up-and-coming future world heavyweight champion, American James “Bonecrusher” Smith , halted that streak when he defeated Bruno by knockout in the tenth and final round of their bout, with Bruno leading clearly on all three judges’ cards.

As a general view, Bruno was carefully guided by his then manager Terry Lawless, whereby he developed well to later give a strong account of himself in the big matches. European heavyweight champion and WBA title challenge[ edit ] Bruno won his next six bouts against respected opposition. He won the European heavyweight title with a KO over Sweden’s Anders Eklund , KO’d former European champion and world title contender Lucien Rodriguez in one round, was taken the distance for the first time by the useful world rated Phil Brown , and beat fringe fighters Larry Frazier and Jeff Jordan.

The battle started with Bruno dominating Lewis with his jab and wobbling him with a huge right in the third. The pedigree of Lewis told in the end, though. A flurry of punches in the seventh ended the fight and Frank’s third world title bid ended in a familiar cocktail of heartbreak and concussion.

The energy-packed and ambitious boxer rose to stardom right from childhood, becoming the youngest ever Amateur British Champion at the age of He won 40 out of his 45 professional fights throughout his career. During his earlier career, he also won the European heavyweight title. He grew up in Wandsworth, London along with his five siblings. His mother was a former district nurse and Pentecostal Lay teacher from Jamaica.

His father passed away in Bruno hold British nationality and ethnicity wise, he has a mixed ethnical background. He started boxing at the local Wandsworth Boys Club at the tender age of 9. Professional Career Bruno made his debut as a professional boxer in The following year, he achieved 21 consecutive wins by knockout. However, he broke his streak after American former professional boxer James Smith defeated him by knockout in the tenth and final round of the match.

Bruno won his first title, the European heavyweight title on 1 Oct

Bruno out to a hit below the belt from his ‘caring ex

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Bruno’s mystery visit to Walton. FRANK Bruno wandered around the streets of Liverpool looking for a “long lost friend” 48 hours before being locked up in a mental hospital.

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Frank Bruno Bio

Pulling no punches, boxing legend Frank Bruno walked onto the stage with the spotlights dancing and Eye of The Tiger blaring out from the speakers, setting the tone for an hour of no-nonsense, matter-of-fact chat about mental wellbeing. With plenty of comedy thrown in, accompanied by his trademark chuckle, Bruno quite simply brought the topic of mental health down to earth. His pragmatic approach was, at times, hilarious, and his humble attitude towards his illustrious boxing career didn’t fail to impress the crowds.

The off the wall opportunity was organised by BAE Systems bosses in a bid to encourage staff to be more frank about mental health. But in his own way, with the occasional indecent joke thrown in – such as the way he brought Viagra and periscopes together in one saucy quip, Bruno did what many mental health professionals fail to do. He showed to the shipyard workforce how mental health affects us all; not just the weak or vulnerable but even someone who was once the world’s greatest fighter.

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News Frank Bruno Former world heavyweight-boxing champion Frank Bruno and Yvonne Clydesdale won substantial damages from The People over false allegations concerning their private life. On 23 April , The People ran a story on the front page of their newspaper making serious and false allegations about their private lives. Following correspondence from Carter-Ruck, The People published an apology in the next edition of the newspaper and shortly afterwards also agreed to pay the Claimants substantial damages and legal costs.

As the newspaper was aware, Miss Clydesdale was very heavily pregnant at the time of the publication and the allegations caused a lot of distress at an extremely sensitive time. My friend, Sarah Tandy, a solicitor represents the Defendant. Mr Bruno is a former heavyweight-boxing champion of the World. Miss Clydesdale is his girlfriend and mother of their 3-month-old daughter. The Defendant is the publisher of The People. The article alleged that Mr Bruno and Miss Clydesdale had split up; that Mr Bruno ended the relationship just days before Miss Clydesdale was due to give birth and had branded her a gold-digger, implying, that Mr Bruno had treated Miss Clydesdale in a cold, callous and heartless manner.

The Newspaper also alleged that Mr Bruno ignored Miss Clydesdale, that he did not take calls from Miss Clydesdale and that this was because he thought she was just after his money. Miss Clydesdale was accused of being a gold-digger. All these allegations are false. As the Defendant was aware Miss Clydesdale was very heavily pregnant at the time of the publication and the timing and sensational nature of the allegations published caused both Claimants distress at an extremely sensitive time in their lives.

Frank Bruno vs Tim Witherspoon (Fight + 1 hour of Prefight Footage)