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First thing to look for on a Norinco SKS is the 3 Chinese characters near the import mark on the receiver. If it does not have the 3 Chinese characters it means it’s not an actual military issue SKS which means the overall quality is not as good. Then look to see if everything has matching serial numbers on the stock, receiver, receiver cover, bolt, magazine, gas tube, piston and trigger housing. Another thing to look for is if the trigger guard is milled or stamped. The older ones are milled and are worth a little more. When it comes to the bayonet – it’s illegal to install one if you didn’t buy the rifle with it already on it. So I suggest you try to find the original one that got lost behind the couch You’ll also want to look for any signs of rust from people shooting corrosive ammo. Pull the bolt back and look around for any signs of rust and then shine a flashlight up the barrel and look down from the muzzle end. Then take the gas tube off and look inside that and inspect the piston. Additionally if you ever use the stock steel cleaning rod make sure you use the cleaning kit as a guide so you don’t damage the crown on the barrel.

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Nov 10,  · Firstly, an SKS with no markings other than serial is not hugely uncommon among chinese imports. Everything about this rifle makes me think it is a relatively common Chinese commercial “Made for USA” gun.

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Buttplate 74 During the last year of production China began to use a letter prefix and 4 digit number. The numbering of secondary parts is typical and includes the bolt, floorplate, and buttplate. Because of the use of different sizes and fonts of stamps used by Finland and importers it is difficult to be certain if a Finnish receiver number is original or not. As with all Mosin Nagants, if it is a dot matrix type stamp it is not original.

This is not considered detrimental by most Finnish Mosin Nagant collectors.

According to Rock Island, I guess all the SKS rifles are Norinco. This would definitely be something that would scare kids off your lawn. As a matter of fact, I think it was left out on someone’s lawn as the rifles, stand, and other parts seem very rusty.

Theres alot of misleading or hard to understand info about the Chinese SKS. I was thinking that the first two numbers plus 56 year technique was only for factory 26 which I think might have became “norinco”? Also I always read that the number stamped on the rear site base was an “accuracy” stamp with the lower numbers better. The validity of other factorys is unknown. So unless it is a T26, you must go by the charastics of the rifle. We know that the milling inside the reciever ended in etc Norinco is not a type or MFg of the sks.

It is an importer or the business side of Chinese armes sales.


The guns, worth P2. In Quezon City, Camp Crame officials welcomed the donation yesterday but quickly added that their arsenal did not include the AK , an assault rifle created by Russian Mikhail Kalashnikov in the s and the favorite weapon of the communists in the Vietnam War. We do not have bullets for AK s [in storage].

The rifle can fire rounds a minute 10 bullets per second and can kill a person 1.

Nov 17,  · 1. yooper is a great site. 2. but he is incorrect about the intro of the chinese character in , i have a pic of a /26\ with the 3 chinese character.

Model – Colt Model Designation; 1: Model – Colt Model Designation; improved model. Model – Developmental M16 carbine version with shortened barrel and telescoping stock; modernized version of the XM E2 with improvements found on the M16A2. XM – Alternative designation for Colt Model M16A2 – Revised rifling; thicker barrel; M grenade launcher capable; square post front sight; adjustable rear sight added; revised flash suppressor; modified front grip; lengthened buttstock; polymer stock; 3-round burst setting.

XM E1 – Developmental M16 carbine version; shortened barrel to 10 inches; telescoping stock. XM E2 – Developmental M16 carbine version; shortened barrel to 11 inches; telescoping stock. XM4 Carbine – Trials version of compact M16 rifle. M4 Carbine – Production designation of compact M16 rifle; 3-round burst fire mode; Picatinny rail system; removable carrying handle.

C7 – Canadian Designation; production by Diemaco; developed version of the M16A1E1; single or automatic fire modes; lengthened stock; revised rear sight.

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Even though Springfield Armory used a two-piece firing pin and other slight design alterations, the was in fact a Mauser design and this resulted in the U. By January, over , rifles produced. Due to inconsistent heat treatments, low numbered receivers Springfield Armory below , and Rock Island Arsenal below , should NEVER be fired under any circumstances because of the risk of serious injury or death.

Toward the end of WWI.

The Norinco SKS rifles haven’t attained the value that other makes of SKS (Russian, Romanian, Albanian, etc.) have for a number of reasons. They were manufactured and exported en masse, and, in spite of the ban on further imports of Chinese firearms imposed by the Clinton administration, they’re still readily available.

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Jun 24,  · Below Yugo 59/66 SKS and a Norinco (no import markings) SKS modified by the Chinese for import to the U.S. as the “Cowboy Companion” which had a wooden military stock and was later upgraded to the Tapco stock.

This article has been updated. With the advent of Picatinny rails, standardized ammunition calibers, and new plastic materials, the assault rifle has evolved beyond expectations. When one considers the shift from conventional wars to low-intensity urban conflicts, the radical changes in how rifles are built and designed seems inevitable. Bushmaster Adaptive Combat Rifle. This explains why the rifles that emerged in the past decade are not only recognized as daring ideas made real—universal weapon systems with interchangeable parts—but as feats of ingenuity borne from the protracted US campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There are exceptions to this prevailing mindset, however. Below is a selection of current rifles that are available on the global arms market. Adaptive Combat Rifle Recent experience has blurred the lines between rifles and carbines. This trend explains why the current generation of rifles from different countries are almost indistinguishable from each other. For example, the barrel assembly can usually be changed to accommodate 7.

Originally manufactured by Izhmash, the entire AK family is now centralized and overseen by the Kalashnikov Concern. This was done for the AK-product line to have greater exposure in global arms sales. The AK is essentially the AK with a retractable and foldable butt stock, an improved upper receiver, an ergonomic fire selector switch, and a pistol grip. Other changes include Picatinny-like rail amounts on its polymer foregrip, a relocated sight, and a lengthened muzzle brake.

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Russian SKS 45 7. Not many with the date, Most encountered are The SKS is a Russian 7. The SKS carbine was rather quickly phased out of first-line service, replaced by the AK , but remained in second-line service for decades afterwards.

May 19,  · Norinco SKS SERIAL NUMBER 1! (Serial Number ) New in Box. Chinese All Matching Numbers This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own serial number 1 Norinco SKS. This rifle comes right out of our owner’s personal collection. The dating system you’re referring to is only known to be applicable to Factory /26\ rifles, though.

Also, see the main r page For Saiga rifles and shotguns, please also see the Saiga rifle and Saiga shotgun pages, but keep in mind that post-conversion your Saiga will likely be ruled by this page. Yes, r is confusing. About r Features The United States has a lovely bit of import law, which prevents most of the more interesting rifle designs from being directly imported into the US.

It prevents the direct importation of AK-series rifles, and has ended up creating a market for demilitarized parts kits. In order for a parts kit to be demilitarized, the original receiver on the weapon must be destroyed in an approved manner usually torch-cut, with a flame hot enough to remove. The resultant pile of parts is legally no longer a weapon, and can be sold freely throughout the United States.

In order to legally use these parts to construct a new firearm, one must ensure that no more than 10 imported parts remain in the final product. In short, you must replace a number of parts from your parts kit with American-made components.

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You may notice that most Chinese AK magazines do not have the welded ridge on the “outside curve,” but are smooth. There were some made with ribs long ago, but they are rare. The later MAK s imported after had the threads on the muzzle actually turned off, and a 2 digit year of import stamped in front of or in back of the serial number for example 91, 92, 93, Some have a space or dash between the serial number and 2 digit year of import stamping.

Aug 13,  · Norinco T Tokarev date? Discussion in ‘Curio & Relic Zone’ started by pwalter, Aug 9,

TDog A few questions: Why would a bullpup, which is already short to begin with, need a folding or collapsing stock? Has anyone ever seen or experienced an explosion with a bullpup in its chamber due to a malfunction of either the weapon or the cartridge? A news piece about a bullpup being possibly replaced is fine, but keep the personal biases to yourself, please. Body armor favors telescoping stocks. Yes, people have had KBs with bullpups.

Tom Regarding point 1 its not just body armour that one should consider but soldiers of differing heights as well. Alexandru Ianu There are bullpups with telescoping stocks: Granted, the VHS-2 has 2 positions: You would have to more radically change the internals of the feeding and bolt mechanism, such as was done to the TKB series of prototypes, to get a decent adjustment range on your buttstock.

TDog Neither am I, which is my point. Writers always talk about these head-busting case failures with bullpups, yet not a single example can be found.

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I put it in a large ammo can to help protect it. Is this ammo worth saving or should I send it down range? I have 2K rounds of the same It’s sick what this ammo is going for Do yourself a favor and go shoot a few boxes and see what YOU think.

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I certainly don’t have enough knowledge of this issue to be entitled to an opinion. Guess you have reason to believe differently. Stamped receiver SKS rifles were designated type 68, I believe. This would indicate a later production date than if the naming convention holds true in weapons. Difficult to tell on Chinese rifles because of their secrecy. Kind of weird because in their type 53 Model 44 copy the Chinese used a year and month coding system.

The barrel would be stamped as With SKS rifles the used all sorts of arsenal stamps and no dates at all. Type 68 was a stamped variety of the Type 63 full-auto SKS If a Type 56 and an AK were to have offspring, this would be the result. Although the outside looks like a SKS, the inside has a rotary bolt and detachable magazine like the AK. The trigger group is select fire and the gas block has a gas regulating knob protruding from the front of the gas block running parallel to the barrel.

SKS 7.62 Part 3 How to Indentify SKS Country of Origin