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In fact, the fishing has been pretty sporadic for the last 2 years or so. Finally though, I have a blog post with pictures of fish! After all that time of not fishing, I had a hankering to touch the sea so I asked if anyone in our Native Watercraft WhatsApp group was keen on a trip, and got a reply from Fendy and Nordin. We left the planning till pretty late and when I started to begin the prep work, I got no reply from Fendy; at all. Aside from the initial mumblings of which kayak we were going to use, and where we were going to fish at, the actual finalisation of the trip was done the day before. I waited a little to see if God would bless me with a valid reason to go back to sleep. As usual, I was blessed. I have no idea what was going on there. Maybe he was staring at his screen blankly.

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For the rugged, outdoorsy couple Photography: Delfina Utomo Coney Island Park This picturesque hectare park is home to more than 80 species of feathered creatures including Baya Weavers, the Oriental Magpie-robin and parakeets, making it perfect for a day of bird-watching. Want to get a bit more active? Take a hike around Coney Island Park , on a bicycle or on foot.

There’s never been a better time to explore Singapore on two wheels so get the most out of your bike or from on of the several bike-sharing startups as Skyscanner brings you part 2 of our best cycling routes in Singapore.

Rough Guides Editors roughguides An easy entry-point for first-time visitors to Southeast Asia, the absorbing city-state of Singapore has evolved from a colonial port into a slick shrine to wealth and consumerism. But what about accommodation? Little India, Lavender Street and Arab Street Little India proper and beyond — the zone extending up to Lavender Street, reachable via Farrer Park or Lavender stations — is the best place to find budget accommodation, although hotels are hit and miss.

The area around Arab Street also has a few good places to stay. For boutique on a budget: A photo posted by Patrice Averilla avelovin on Feb 6, at For a memorable dorm bed: Owned by the company behind the historic Cathay cinema at the foot of Mount Emily, the Hangout is an impressive designer guesthouse with a breezy rooftop terrace. This excellent new hotel occupies a converted office building, reflected in the lobby decor — all artfully exposed ducting and pipes.

Colonial-era charm in spades, especially evident in the opulent lobby and the courtyards fringed by frangipani trees and palms.

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Dating in Thailand has its traps and if you are not careful you will fall in one. And if you are naive and dazzled enough you might not be able to get out of it. Waking up next to a woman who is not a woman is definitely the worst case scenario. I honestly thank god, Buddha and every force in the universe that I never made this terrible experience. Thanks to the wisdom of a 79 year-old friend of my grandmother who lives in Thailand since the early s I learned very soon that I have to be careful.

The uncomfortable truth is that a lot of professional models and even some actresses in Thailand are ladyboys.

Hawker centres in Singapore: Our favourite spots for local food in the city By Honeycombers Editorial Satay, prata, chicken rice, laksa, oyster omelette and repeat.

Pin1 57 Shares Younger and older guys who want to date older women have one problem, where to meet older women! Fortunately, our team has a lot of experience in this area and has put together a great list. If you want to meet older women dating younger men or men your own age you have to put yourself in their shoes and approach your search in the right way. These are very busy women with a lot going on. Try out our favorite spots below and make the most of your time!

To simplify the process for you, we have compiled a list of our favorites. Here is a lineup of 10 great ideas to help you in your search. Attending cooking classes is a perfectly ripe opportunity for a kitchen date. Women who have more than a basic level of cooking skills and look for excitement in the kitchen making new dishes that please you!

More and more often they are ONLY have time to look for a guy online especially when looking for younger guys. But what site should you try? There may be bigger sites out there but good luck finding women interested in dating younger men. Once you sign up your profile should actually be honest enough to state that you are seeking the companionship of an older woman and your reasons why. Be upfront about why you think someone older is preferable to dating within your own age bracket.

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By Honeycombers Editorial Satay, prata, chicken rice, laksa, oyster omelette and repeat. Hawker centres in Singapore are spoiling us! Darissa Lee Eating in the city can get expensive, but not when you’ve got hawker centres around town.

Around Singapore 18 best places for afternoon tea worthy of a tai tai From elegant hotel lounges to pretty cafes, these are our favourite 20 afternoon and high tea spots.

So you can snap some Instagram worthy shots of its beautiful architecture, then go inside and learn about Catalan history. See the exact location here. Once you get to the top there are epic degrees views over Barcelona, and you will find a lot of the locals having picnics enjoying the nice weather and view. Check out the exact location here.

The famous park is a short metro ride outside of central Barcelona, and with its intriguing architecture and view over the rooftops of Barcelona it is one of the most visited areas of Barcelona. At the time when I visited February the park was undergoing construction so you had to pre-book tickets and not all areas of the park were open. Get the exact location here.

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They are located mostly in South Jakarta, in malls or in the 5 stars hotels for the best ones. I wrote an article here: The most luxurious are inside large buildings called “one-stop entertainment complex”, with other facilities included the more often a hotel, a lounge, a club, a restaurant, a karaoke. Actually, they won’t consider it as cheating, but I will let you be your own judge.

Night cycling in Singapore is a great experience, allowing you to tone those leg muscles while enjoying the breeze. Try night cycling in places like Changi Village, Punggol Waterway, or Ulu Sembawang Park Connector, to name just a few examples.

For me, Bangkok women are just the cherries of the cake. They come in all types of shapes, colors, and status. It can be addictive! The main difference between Thai and other Asian girls is a strong need to have sex. When she likes you, the next natural step is to have sex. This might be the reason Thai people smile all the time.

Bangkok is a unique place to pick up Thai girls where you can have university girls, office women, hookers, freelancers and more. Instead, in the popular resort towns like Pattaya and Phuket , the pool of girls to pick up is mostly restricted to prostitute and bar girls. So, if you are a confident man that love day and night games, Bangkok will be your holy land. A bit because we look exotic to them and a bit to try a different flavor of the day.

Bar girls or women in the red light districts are there waiting for you literally with open legs.

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Serangoon and Kovan being more mature estates, are naturally filled with old-time hawkers, sprouting cafes and hidden gems, which I find myself frequenting these areas more often to curb my hunger pangs. The noodles were thoroughly infused in truffle oil, and spritz with yet another dash of truffle oil on top before serving, causing a whiff of aroma to hit your nose when stirring in the noodles. So eat up quickly!

Gay Singapore Guide. Find the best gay bars, gay saunas, gay massage spas, gay-rated hotels and more in Singapore. Check reviews, maps, offers & discounts.

This system will whizz you to most places without fuss. The Land Transport Authority LTA strictly controls and monitors the growth and use of private vehicles to minimize traffic and curb road congestion. To save cost and to make your trip more convenient, consider buying an Ez-link card or a Singapore Tourist Pass. Ez-link Card It is a kind of smart card, which can be used to pay transport fares on buses, MRT metro , taxis, and other private transport means.

It means the stored value is SGD 7. General ticket machines are provided at all MRT stations for you to conveniently top up your cards. You can also add more stored value into your card at 7-Eleven stores. Singapore Tourist Pass If you plan to travel a lot while being in Singapore, then Singapore Tourist Pass turns out as a cost-effective option. There are 3 types of passes: They come in 2 types: The MRT system offers affordable and hassle-free rides to the majority of tourist attractions in Singapore.

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Looking for a spot of nature or scenic places in this hectic metropolitan city after a long week in the office? Look no further and take a look at our top 10 best places to visit in Singapore. Discover the glittering gems at The Jewel Box and immerse yourself in this serene getaway from the city. For a step further, you can opt to wine and dine on a cable car with your loved ones! Arm yourself with a novel and settle yourself down in a spot with a gentle breeze for company.

Best Ways to Get Around in Singapore. Singapore Travel Guide | May 25, The Little Red Dot is a nice, clean and cosy hostel located at Read More Drop Inn Hostel. The 5 Best Online Dating Sites in Singapore The 5 Best Halal Buffets in Singapore 7 Best Nightclubs in Singapore to Dance ’til Dawn.

How about cycling around the island? A network of bike paths and a rise in bike-sharing companies such as Obike and Mobike make the perfect tropical activity! So hop on as Skyscanner brings you Part 2 of our best selection of Singapore cycling routes. Best cycle route for families: Bedok Reservoir Park Photo credit: Derrick Caluag Flickr Choosing a place for kids to cycle in Singapore can be a challenge. A good one can be found in Bedok with cool breezes blowing across the reservoir and a mixture of well-paved flat surfaces and pebbly paths.

Kids will be pleased with a jaunt around here and mum and dad can be relieved that if junior gets too tired or throws a tantrum, the family is never more than 2. A circuit of Bedok Reservoir Park 4. Best cycle route for beginners: Pasir Ris Park With over 7km of well-maintained track and excellent bicycle rental facilities, novices flock to Pasir Ris Park to get to grips with bikes and revel in the tranquil beach setting. The ample shade offered by the sprawling ancient trees dotted throughout the park help provide respite from the heat.

There is even a stretch which passes through a mangrove forest for you to have a moment communing with nature.

5 Late Night Dating Ideas When Singapore Gets Dark